Cord Singer Replacement Cabinet Foot /Knee Control

Cord Singer Replacement Cabinet Foot /Knee Control
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Replaces the cord going from the terminal body behind the machine to the Singer controller mounted below inside of the cabinet.  MADE IN THE USA.

For cabinet mounted Singer sewing machines such as 15-91, 15-90, 201-2, 66 and more! that have the THREE PIN TERMINAL BODY ON THE MACHINE (SEE PHOTO) (Doesn't work with the 301 or 221)

Cord Set is complete with connectors installed on both ends.  54" total length. The black ends go inside the controller and the colored coded ones go to the matchining terminals behind the terminal body. See
THIS LINK for more detials and tips to open the controller and install the new wires .

This part is for the Cabinet wiring configuration:

The power cord and the controller cord are separate. The controller wires connect directly to the back of the terminal body on the back of the machine and can easily be routed through the hole in the spacer, under the hand-wheel, on the top of the cabinet. The power cord is the single lead type. It plugs into the front of the terminal body and goes to the wall outlet.

Power cord for use with this controller cord: SCE122

Constructed from 18 AWG (18/2) wire with a SPT-2 insulation rated for up to 300 volts and applications up to 10 amps.  Most hardware stores sell the 18/2 cord in the skinnier SPT-1 jacket.  The SPT-2 jacket in the 18 AWG wire is really tough to find, but offers more abrasion resistance without unnecessary bulk found in heavier gage wires (such as 16/2).


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