Hardwood Sewing Machine Base- FREE SHIP USA

Hardwood Sewing Machine Base- FREE SHIP USA
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Custom made in the USA from solid, clear, stained, and popolyurethane sealed hardwood with non-slip rubber cushions already installed..

This base fits many full size, household, flatbed sewing machines with  bed dimensions of 14-5/8" by 7". The inside dimensions of the base are 14-3/4" by 7-1/8".   A few of the machine that will fit this base are the Singer 201k, 201-2, 15-91, 15k, 15-80, 15-30, 15-125, 206, 223, 237, 239, 293, 319, 306, 101, all Singer model 66's and all HA-1 class 15 "clones".  Many Kenmores have a slightly different base size and those will not fit- please reference the base dimensions provided for any fitment concerns.  This will not fit the Singer 221, 301, 401, 403, 404, 500, 503 models. 

Price includes shipping to the USA.  No international sales due to cost prohibitiave shipping expenses. LIMITED QUANITIES

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