High Shank Walking Foot Textured

High Shank Walking Foot Textured
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High shank walking foot fits High shank Necchi models and others. Zigzag compatible. Fits on shanks about 1/4" wide. Textured bottom.

For the Necchi high shank models* - You cannot use the original presser foot screw to attach this foot. If you use this screw (scf284), the foot will attach correctly and work fine- except for the Supernova, Miranda and Lelia (the 284 thumb screw may NOT work with those models). I know because I have personally tested it on a Necchi Supernova and several other Necchi models.  On the high shank Necchi models, the original screw will interfere with the housing of the walking foot and cause the foot to bind.  The professional high shank walking foot will also fit the Necchi Supernova* and other high shank Necchi's in the center needle straight stitch position.  (*excluding the Julia/Ultra version*- <- None of these walking feet will work on the Julia or the Ultra)

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