Light Fixture Black for Singer EZ install Ring Ends- Black

Light Fixture Black for Singer EZ install Ring Ends- Black
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  • Item #: SCE504EZ
  • Condition: New
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

Brand new, replacement or add-on light fixture will attach to a Singer machine with a screw and small recessed area behind the rear, round,, silver access plate. The recess must be at the three- o'clock position on the round opening.  Rated for 110/120volt service (USA & Canada)

This product comes with color coded connectors already attached. For more information about installing these CLICK HERE.

Fits Singer 15-91, 15-90, 15-88, SOME MODELS OF 66'S, 206, 306 AND OTHERS. 15 watt bulb included. (For replacement bulbs- click here). Wire length about 10 inches. (screw to attach to machine not inc- re-use existing screw)  If you need the attaching screw, this screw can be substituted for the original.

NOTE:  Every fixture is tested and inspected for proper operation. Due to handling during the manufacturing process there may be scuffs or other cosmetic blemishes.  Satisfaction guarantee applies (Return policy)

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