Low Shank Walking Foot STRAIGHT Stitch (12moRW)

Low Shank Walking Foot STRAIGHT Stitch (12moRW)
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EFFECTIVE FOR SALES ON AND AFTER 2/27/2017 -  12 month replacement warranty- you send in your P60400 walking foot with your invoice within 12 months of the purchase date and we will send you a new foot.  US SALES ONLY- This does not cover mis-use or abuse of the walking foot. 

This walking foot is SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR STRAIGHT STITCH ONLY MACHINES.  it lines up correctly with the narrower feed dogs on straight stitch only machines.

Ideal for your Singer Featherweight 221, 222, and many other low shank Singer machines such as the 201-2, 15-91, model 99 and the low shank Singer 66 (not the 66-1 which is a back clamping machine). As shown in photos- quilt guide included.

Also works with the Class 15 "clones". If your machine has a built-in zigzag stitch, this foot WILL NOT WORK. This foot only works with a centered straight stitch.

*TIP - When working with layers or a quilt, make sure to work slowly and carefully. Do NOT allow the weight of the materials or quilt work against the needle.  If you pull or sew too fast, or the needle can hit the metal foot piece, weakening where it's joined at the Walking Foot. 


As of 8/1/2015: Every P60400 walking foot is installed and tested for function prior to shipping.  Using a size 16 needle on a vintage, Singer Featherweight, we check for function, sufficient clearance and  proper fitment.  


The thread cutter on the presser bar of some machines can interfere with the walking foot and cause it to not fit correctly.  So, make sure the thread cutter is pushed up high enough to not contact the walking foot in any manner or remove the cutter altogether.

Walking foot instructions (PDF)

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