Needle Clamp thread Guide Singer 15-91 15-125 221 201

Needle Clamp thread Guide Singer 15-91 15-125 221 201
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  • Item #: SCMI45355
  • Condition: New

Needle Clamp "Thread Guide" for needle clamp #45285 when used on Singer models 15-91, 15-125, 15-88, 15-90, 221 and 201 (not for 301).

NOTE:  this thread guide has gone through several transitions over the years. The original thread guide for the above specific models are no longer available. This alternate, replacement thread guide #45355 may not look exactly like the original thread guide that came with your model, but we've checked this replacement guide and it did work for us on the above models only.

This thread guide inserts up into the body of the needle clamp.  When you tighten the needle clamp screw it pushes the needle clamp against the needle thereby secures the needle to the needle clamp system.

This thread guide is also designed for the above listed models which the needle is threaded from the inside out (right to left). Please consult your manual for proper needle insertion orientaton and threading.

Installation Instructions:

The thread guide needs to be located inside the needle clamp - and the clamp itself is secured to the bar with a small grub screw.   

When re-assembling it is easiest to seat the thread guide in the clamp then slide both upwards onto the needle bar - then insert
and tighten the grub screw. The thumb screw is then required to secure the needle. It presses on the anvil end of the thread guide which in turn presses on the side of the top end of the needle.     

Alternate part no.: 45355, 45879, 045355, 125378
PLEASE NOTE: This is the only part of this type available on the market. Although we have gotten it to work on the above listed models, all of these models did go through various minor changes over the years and we cannot absolutely guarantee fitment. However, you can return it for a refund as per our satisfaction/return policy.


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