Singer Slant Shank Even feed / Walking Foot 301 301A

Slant Shank Walking Foot
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Genuine Singer brand Slant Shank Even feed / Walking Foot Fits the Singer 301/301A without binding.  It has been specially modified and each and every foot is individually tested for proper function on a Singer 301 / 301A.

There is no quilt bar/guide and no hole to mount one. YOU MUST REMOVE THE THREAD CUTTER FROM THE PRESSER BAR when using this foot, or the thread cutter may contact the housing of the walking foot.  This will push the foot out of the proper alignment and negatively affect function.

This foot is not a straight stitch only foot, so on machines such as the 404 and 301, the foot is slightly wider than the feed dogs.  Currently, no straight stitch only slant shank walking foot is manufactured.

Not sure what shank style you have? Identify the Type of Feet for Your Sewing Machine.

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