Spool Pin Metal Screw-in Fine Thread

Spool Pin Metal Screw-in Fine Thread
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  • Item #: SCSPF2AY
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Approximately 1 7/8" over-all length, 3/16" diameter of shaft, fine thread- fits many machines

Fits some Kenmore models and some Singer 201-2 models 

(some 201-2's use press-in spool pins, some later models use this threaded pin.  The diameter and thread pitch of this spool pin matches the oem Singer spool used on the later 201's with the screw in design. )

Kenmore spool pin #41006 with spring is NO LONGER AVAILABLE, use this  as a replacement (same threads).

Alternate part numbers 8286, 231008, 61663, 41006, J01008, YA-2F

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