Tri-Flow Sewing Machine Grease VALUE size 3 oz.

Tri-Flow Sewing Machine Grease VALUE size 3 oz.
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Tri-Flow Clear Synthetic Grease - 3.0 oz. tube- great value- about 30% less per oz. than the 0.25 oz. tube.

THE BEST lubricant for sewing machine gears that require grease. It's MUCH "stickier" than the Singer grease/lubricant so it doesn't "fling off" so much as the gears spin. The added PTFE (Teflon) makes the machine run so much smoother- Tri-Flow Grease is waterproof, clear, prevents rust and corrosion - formulatied with PTFE (aka Teflon)

Superb lubricant for lubricating metal gears- even safe for most non-metal gears that require lubrication. (refer to the service or owners manual for guidelines for lubricating non-metal gears- requirement varies) Stays put- great stuff! (USA purchase only)

Not recommended for grease tubes or pots that lubricate motor bearings via a wick.  Use petroleum jelly for those applications.

Guide to Products for Oiling and Lubricating a Sewing Machine

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